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david a. schlussel (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 10:26:17 -0400 (EDT)

NOTHING out there "puts CU-SeeMe to shame". None of the
other packages, and I've seen many, can do FREE
MULTIPARTY CONFERENCING. In point to point connections
the others excell. But CU-SeeMe kicks all their butts
when it comes to bringing several people together.

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On Sun, 25 Jun 1995, C. Duncan Hudson wrote:

> On Sun, 25 Jun 95 17:04:06 -0700 you wrote:
> >Kerry,
> >
> >I too, recently saw and participated in a working demo of the AT&T video
> >system (not on the phone, but on a computer) - it is called the Vistium. It
> >is even beter than the phone thing, however it requires an ISDN line (I
> >suspect that the AT&T video phone does too. With ISDN you get a much higher
> >quality connection.
> >
> >If you're interested in knoong more on the AT&T phones and/or video system
> >for computers you can call AT&T at 1800-VID-EOGO (that's AT&Ts video
> >technical center. I am NOT an employee of AT&T, so there is NO personal gain
> >for me in giving you this information.
> >
> >-Art
> While Vistium and Picasso require some heavy duty hardware the video
> phone only requires compatible phones at both ends of the call. The
> phone transmits a 15 fps colour picture along with regular telephone
> voice. The phone was not an initial hot item - people complained
> about the slow picture updating, but it sure puts CU-SeeMe to shame.
> I hadn't thought to compare it to this software, but the comparison is
> quite logical. While not being an expert on either system I would
> imagine the faster (and colour) picture is due, in part, to hardware
> based compression.
> C. Duncan Hudson
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