Re: CUSeeMe Web app for the Mac

John D. Lauer (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 10:13:35 -0400

Take a look at the "Go CU Go" web pages at

There is a bunch of information about a program that does this for the
Windows side. It works really well and hundreds of people are using it.
Also, there is a page of reflectors that have the links built-in and a page
of people, sort of like a phone book. If you design the program like I did
then we can both use these links. You'll see that each link is actually a
text file with the information in it like this:
Nasa Select TV

The precedent is for a .csm extension for FTP links in web pages. And the
MIME type is text/cu-seeme because browsers and different operating systems
will interpret text cleaner than an application/x-cuseeme MIME type.

At 10:26 PM 6/27/95 -0700, martin stoufer wrote:
>>Has anybody developed a MAC program that launches Cu-SeeMe from a web page?
>>If not, is this something that anybody on this list could/would create?
>>I do not have the programming skills to do this, but it seems to me that it
>>would be a great contribution to the CU-SeeMe community.
> A neat idear there Ed. It would require either CU being launched as
>an external viewer for some MIME type media being sent over, or to be
>started via an apple script. The problem is that all HTTP daemon servers
>cannot support a continual pipe of data as a file transfer.
> Sincea web browser and CU can run concurrently on the MAC, it may be
>possible for some server script to send back a command to the mac client
>causing an agreed upon apple script to run, causing CU to launch. This or
>another script would then run some simple app. commands and instruct CU to
>login to a passed thru reflector site. At this time the browser would fall
>into the background, and CU would run. I believe this technology is still on
>the drawing boards at Netscape for their server. If anyone has other
>suggestions, lets here them, this is something we con do!
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