Fatal Errors with Windows version

Wed, 28 Jun 1995 10:22:05 EDT

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Subject: Fatal Errors with Windows version

I continually get "Unable to find a free Video Context entry. Fatal
Error" message while connected to pv70f2.vincent.iastate.edu trying to
view NASA TV. I get this error with both W0.65b1 and the older

Also, I do not have a sound card and have a .WAV driver installed to
run the PC's speaker. According to File/Sound devices, the Playback
device "Sound Driver for PC-Speaker" is configured, but I don't seem
to be getting any sound. When I select Conference/Start receiving
sound, I am told "Sorry, an unknown error, 35, has occurred while
attempting to open the wave output device, but when I select
Help/About I hear the "Star Trek door sound" before the dialog comes
up. Any Ideas??

Jim Z

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