don't works

Lorenzo Mastropietro (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 16:48:34 +0200

I try to use Cuseeme W0.65b1 but I receive error message at initialization time.

During "Initialising capture palette..." phase , I receive the message box:
"Cu-SeeMe: Hmmm.... there may be a problem. Unsupported function.".
After this the window Cu-SeeMe wait for a connection, but any conference
connect don't
obtain link. Example:
1. Connect to
2. Connecting to ...
3. No response from

Ping to works properly.

I use MS-Windows 3.1 and Chameleon TCP/IP.
I have a Movie Machine Pro ///Fast Electronic GMBH and a Creative Labs Sound
The Internet link is 64 kbps leased line.

Who can help me??

Thank you and visit us at :-)
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