Re: CUSeeMe Web app for the Mac

Mark Lentczner (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 07:39:47 -0800

>Has anybody developed a MAC program that launches Cu-SeeMe from a web page?

Regarding this and other follow ups: Netscape, or any other Web browser,
is already fully equiped to launch CU-SeeMe (or switch to it if it is
already running) and tell it to handle a request. Unfortuantely CU-SeeMe

All CU-SeeMe needs to do is interpret the AppleEvents for DocOpen, AppOpen,
and AppQuit. In response to DocOpen, it gets passed a reference to a file
(which either the user double-clicked on or was downloaded by the Web
browser) which it should open to find the IP and other settings for
initiating a connection. John D. Lauer's 'GO CU-SeeMe GO' .csm format for
the file would be fine.

There is no sense in writing an intermediate application (ala 'GO CU-SeeMe
GO') because while it would be trivial to write the Web browser to
application communication, the intermediate app would still have no way to
get CU-SeeMe to do anything.

If the CU-SeeMe team would like sample code for the AppleEvent handling I'd
be happy to send along mine that I use in my apps. (Note: the default
sample code from Apple tends to do WAY TOO MUCH and therefore is daunting
to incorporate. Mine does just the above mentioned three events.)

By - the - by, for those of you who may have missed it, you might want to
see a Macintosh CU-SeeMe helper application I wrote, CU-WelcomeMat:


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