request for feature on PC version

Phil Hochstetler (
Wed, 28 Jun 95 9:44:43 PDT

I am running Window NT 3.5 behind a firewall that does not allow CUSM access.
I can't get the firewall opened up for political reasons.
To get around the firewall for some apps, I have connected my 28.8 modem
to a local PPP internet provider and used the route command to route all
class B addresses to my LAN interface, and all the other references to the
PPP interface. This works great for all apps I have tried so far (Real Audio,
etc). Thus, I can mix and match my internet access (T1 for stuff that gets
through the firewall, direct access for other stuff).

It fails however for CUSM. My analysis is that somehow the protocol
for CUSM must do a hostname lookup locally, obtain an IP address, and
pass that to the reflector who then actually connects back to CUSM.
My problem is that I have two IP addresses (one for the LAN, one for
the PPP link). I want it to use the PPP ip address but it always appears
to be using the LAN IP address. I have tried putting entires in the
HOSTS file but to no avail. Can anyone confirm my theory?

Assuming my theory is right or close, my request is simple.
Can we put an option in CUSM to:

1. set the hostname to use (this I can hack the host file each time)
2. set which interface to use (WINSOCK must make both IP addresses visible,
right?) Then I could say (use second interface for your IP address)
3. Have the program ask for a hostname/ip address at launch time if an
option is set.

Any of these would solve my problem. Any experts out there have any
other ideas?

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