Please test CU-WelcomeMat Beta

Antti Pirskanen (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 21:11:19 +0300

>Well, your troubles are over (at least if you run on a Macintosh, System 7,
>and I didn't make any major programming bugs...). Come try out
>CU-WelcomeMat: a little application that you can leave running all the time
>that will announce connections for CU-SeeMe (and even let you quickly
>launch that greate video conferencing tool!)
>Total info & the program are available at:

Hi all,

I'd like to try how CU-WelcomeMat works. I have it running on a Macintosh
Color Classic with Quickcam (19.2 kbps leased line, 20 kbps cap, no audio).
Please give it a try. My IP address is:

(Helsinki, Finland, time zone:+3 hrs GMT, I'm usually around till midnight)

Antti Pirskanen