Speaking of MACs and Ideas

Richard Collins (rcollins@mirror.det.mun.ca)
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 16:45:33 -0230

I've put this question before but it seems to dissolved into the list.

In Sept. I'm scattering 7 Mac 6100's (AVs), System 7.5 and CUSeeme around
our province to supply return video for a distant education project.
I've done a similiar project using PC's last year with great success.
The success came from the fact that I could automate the PC's to call a
specific IP on boot up. This meant they could recover from disasters
such as power failures.

My new problem is that the MACs come up with a useless message explaining
that it may not have "shut down" correctly. I need to bypass this and
have the machines start CUSeeme automatically connecting to a reflector.

Anyone have any ideas???

I'm just a poor PC guy who has accepted (on principle) that the MAC
CUSeeme is far more evolved. Now show me how user friendly all those MAC
users are!


7 MAC AV 6100's with 8megs in remote areas on 64k links sending
video only thru to a reflector in my office (on linuz). In our studio we
have a 7100AV with 16megs and a monster monitor for the instructor to view.