Speaking of MACs and Ideas

joshua ament (josh@ptnext.pitzer.edu)
Wed, 28 Jun 95 12:54:29 -0700

The "useless message" can be disabled in the control panel General Controls by
unchecking the checkbox. You may be better off just removint the conrol panel
all together since there are reports that it causes some problems with
software. To automatically connect to the reflector, look at Applescript which
comes with System 7.5. It will allow you to login to the reflector at startup.
If you have anny other questions, feel free to ask...

Josh Ament

>I've put this question before but it seems to dissolved into the list.
>In Sept. I'm scattering 7 Mac 6100's (AVs), System 7.5 and CUSeeme around

>our province to supply return video for a distant education project.

>I've done a similiar project using PC's last year with great success.

>The success came from the fact that I could automate the PC's to call a

>specific IP on boot up. This meant they could recover from disasters

>such as power failures.
>My new problem is that the MACs come up with a useless message explaining

>that it may not have "shut down" correctly. I need to bypass this and

>have the machines start CUSeeme automatically connecting to a reflector.
>Anyone have any ideas???
>I'm just a poor PC guy who has accepted (on principle) that the MAC

>CUSeeme is far more evolved. Now show me how user friendly all those MAC

>users are!
> 7 MAC AV 6100's with 8megs in remote areas on 64k links sending

>video only thru to a reflector in my office (on linuz). In our studio we

>have a 7100AV with 16megs and a monster monitor for the instructor to view.

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I just downloaded .65b1 for windows. The version appears to support audio, however, I
am not able to hear any audio at all. I have installed and operating a sound blaser 16
card. Also when I start cu-see me, it tells me there is a problem with the capture driver (i
do not have a capture card installed, not do i wish to send video) it then gives me two
"invalid handle" messages. following those i am able to connect to reflectors and recieve
video with no problem, however there is still no audio.

any suggestions?

John Murphy
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