Re: CUSeeMe Web app for the Mac

Bill Ryan (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 11:57:10 -0800

Hi all,

White Pine Software, Inc. demo'd a pre-release version of
CU-SeeMe/Macintosh at the DVC show out west a month or so ago which has the
below mentioned capabilities.

It used a CU-SeeMe config. file which contained a reflector's IP address
and an ID #.
The web server needed to have a new mime type added to it (CUSeeMe specific).
The web browser needed to be configured to have CU-SeeMe be a helper app..
The user needed to create a link in their web page to the CU-SeeMe config. file.

When selecting the link within the web page, the web browser would start up
CU-SeeMe and CU-SeeMe would "process" the CU-SeeMe config file received
from the web server and then automatically connect to the reflector

The released version containing the above capability will be available
towards the end of 1995.

The method on how it will be done may change, but the capability will
remain the same.

Patience please,


>It is this simple:
>1) Modify CUSeeMe to save and open a file containing an IP address and a
>conference ID. This would be similar to the save sets that NCSA Telnet
>2) Add apple events to CUSeeMe so that another program (such as a
>browser) can launch and command open.
>3) Put the save set files on a web server with an appropriate mime type:
>application/x-cuseeme .csm and configure the browser similarly.
>There is already a precedent in an app for Windows that kludges a similar
>solution called "Go CU-Seeme Go".
>On Tue, 27 Jun 1995, martin stoufer wrote:
>> >Has anybody developed a MAC program that launches Cu-SeeMe from a web page?
>> >
>> >If not, is this something that anybody on this list could/would create?
>> >
>> >
>> >I do not have the programming skills to do this, but it seems to me that it
>> >would be a great contribution to the CU-SeeMe community.
>> A neat idear there Ed. It would require either CU being launched as
>> an external viewer for some MIME type media being sent over, or to be
>> started via an apple script. The problem is that all HTTP daemon servers
>> cannot support a continual pipe of data as a file transfer.
>> Sincea web browser and CU can run concurrently on the MAC, it may be
>> possible for some server script to send back a command to the mac client
>> causing an agreed upon apple script to run, causing CU to launch. This or
>> another script would then run some simple app. commands and instruct CU to
>> login to a passed thru reflector site. At this time the browser would fall
>> into the background, and CU would run. I believe this technology is still on
>> the drawing boards at Netscape for their server. If anyone has other
>> suggestions, lets here them, this is something we con do!
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