Re: CUSeeMe Web app for the Mac

Bill Ryan (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 17:17:59 -0800


>>White Pine Software, Inc. demo'd a pre-release version of
>>CU-SeeMe/Macintosh at the DVC show out west a month or so ago which has the
>>below mentioned capabilities.
>>The released version containing the above capability will be available
>>towards the end of 1995.
>>Patience please,
>Does White Pine getting the commercial license to CU-SeeMe mean that there
>will be NO new Mac version until the end of 1995? ACK!
>Certainly the Cornell team could add the discussed feature (three AppleEvents
>and the ability to start a connection from a .csm file) in a matter of hours.
>I will be happy to write the code (as I will have to add it to WelcomeMat
>anyway - since WelcomeMat, if running, MUST be used to launch CU-SeeMe...)
>only the sources to CU-SeeMe are not available. Shall I write in skelatal
>form and ship it off to someone?

First, I can not speak for Cornell and what their future plans will be.
Obviously, WPSI and Cornell having a working relationship and discuss
technical details as well ensuring that the public and commercial versions
remain compatible.

The pre-release version WPSI demo'd at DVC was based on development
technology from Cornell.

Yes, it was AppleEvents based.

The how to do it is the easy part. The hard part is agreeing on a
connection file format. We'd like to do it right the first time. One of the
topics being discussed is to use a URL definition for nicknames. This
requires involving many people from various companies and thus takes awhile
(inorder to define a VC type URL). Seeing as the connection file would need
to contain the URL, the URL definition holds things up.

The connection file could just be IP based for now, and we could keep
backwords compatability once a URL is defined. This is being considered by

Something could be hacked together quickly, but Cornell and WPSI do not
operate that way.

Please be patient. The development teams are growing, people are coding,
work IS going on, but priorities have to be set. Complaining to the list
only eats-up bandwidth as well as time required to read such complaints.
This is probably why complaints go unanswered.

White Pine Software will attempt to keep the current user community aware
of it's efforts as well as address concerns and problems. At the same time,
we will be setting priorities as to what makes it into each release (that's
life and the nature of software development as I'm sure you are aware).


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