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David R McGee (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 19:09:08 -0700

I agree with Mr. Ryan on almost every point, especially that it is extremely
important to "get it right the first time." I am glad that Cornell and WPSI
has people dedicated to this philosophy.

However, from my perspective (as a lurker-mostly-of this list) I think that far
too many questions/complaints about the product are never addressed by the
folks at Cornell. I hope that White Pine and Cornell begin to take better
advantage of this electronic medium to keep their "customers" informed about
developments, using this list as a positive communications medium. Most of the
questions that I have seen go unanswered were not "complaints" but valid

> Please be patient. The development teams are growing, people are coding,
> work IS going on, but priorities have to be set. Complaining to the list
> only eats-up bandwidth as well as time required to read such complaints.
> This is probably why complaints go unanswered.
> White Pine Software will attempt to keep the current user community aware
> of it's efforts as well as address concerns and problems. At the same time,
> we will be setting priorities as to what makes it into each release (that's
> life and the nature of software development as I'm sure you are aware).

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