Re: .65b1 trouble
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 21:55:20 -0700

Ya know...I've seen this request for assist posted many times already...and
unless every person who posts it is getting a private
response/solution...nobody knows what the fix is...can this be correct??? I
have the same "problem" and wonder if there is a tweak that can be performed
to solve the error messages...Hmmm....


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Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 14:45:24 PDT
From: John Murphy <>
To: <>
Subject: .65b1 trouble

I just downloaded .65b1 for windows. The version appears to support audio,
however, I
am not able to hear any audio at all. I have installed and operating a sound
blaser 16
card. Also when I start cu-see me, it tells me there is a problem with the
capture driver (i
do not have a capture card installed, not do i wish to send video) it then
gives me two
"invalid handle" messages. following those i am able to connect to reflectors
and recieve
video with no problem, however there is still no audio.

any suggestions?

John Murphy
Software Engineer Phone : (303)497-8494
UCAR/COMET Fax : (303)497-8491
PO Box 3000 Internet:
Boulder, CO 80307

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