Re: SLIP Emulators

Geoff Rehn (rehn@CLEO.MURDOCH.EDU.AU)
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 16:30:09 +0800

At 12:22 AM 6/29/95, Robert Smathers wrote:

>>Has anyone gotten SLiRP or TIA to work?
>SLiRP doesn't work. I've tried it for curiosity. I think it's the UDP
>part of Cuseeme that makes it not work with slirp.

I understood that it _might_ be possible to get SLiRP to work, via port
redirection. I have not attempted this.

I was interested to read that apparently TwinSock worked with CUSM.

I have not even managed to get TwinSock to work, let alone with CUSM.

Geoff R.

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