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RE: Win version 0.65b1 - sound, invalid handle, etc errors...
> Ya know...I've seen this request for assist posted many times already...and
> unless every person who posts it is getting a private
> response/solution...nobody knows what the fix is...can this be correct??? I
> have the same "problem" and wonder if there is a tweak that can be performed
> to solve the error messages...Hmmm....

Ya know, I recall last Friday when 0.65b1 was released - there was a
letter posted to this list indicating that .65b1 was VERY VERY beta, and
was in fact released ahead of when the developers were actually
comfortable releasing it - but there has been such demand from us Windows
users for Audio that they released this version anyway. Included in that
message was a note indicating they're aware of the many bugs in this
version, and to PLEASE not post things which are obvious - if it's
obvious (ie. "invalid handle" - especially since I've seen like 3 or 4
posts a day about it) then they are aware of it. The list is meant to
distribute information (in part at least) - but I wonder just how many
people are reading the posts - cuz I see the same things being posts over
and over. If anything, it's a BETA client--be patient! You've lived
this long without audio, another month maybe? won't hurt.

I'm one of those strange Windoze people where I installed 0.65b1 and
it's worked great. The obvious GUI bugs are present, but I can cope with
it. I'm getting audio just fine. Why I am and many others aren't, I
don't know. I'm running a standard SoundBlaster Vibra-16. Of course,
I'm also running Windows95 build 490 - therein could lie a difference, I
don't know. I actually have yet to see these two common error messages
("invalid handle" or "capture driver not installed properly") - Haven't
had an error of that type yet. I'd suggest double checking Control
Panel / Drivers and make sure your CAPTURE DRIVER is installed. Verify
with any capture software you may have that you can capture from the

I know my system config won't help anyone (I'm using fairly high-end
stuff) but just for grins:
Dell Dimension XPS P120c
256k burst Cache
2 1gig WD harddrives
SMC 8216 NIC (my net connection)
#9 Imagine-128 w/4M VRAM
SoundBlaster Vibra-16
VideoBlaster SE100
connected to home camcorder (old Sears HQ) :)
And of course... WINdows95 Build 490 (501 soon)

BTW - I'm not flaming anyone personally - just people in general. This
is what relase notes (the ones posts to this list, most notably) are good
for - answers :)

My best suggestion: be patient. Hard to do when it comes to stuff
that's as cool and awesome of this, I realize that. The client itself is
fairly straight-forward and simple - chances are if you don't see
anything obvious for tweaking it - it's not there.

I'd be happy to help any windoze users to whatever extent I am able if
any questions they have (since I seem to be in the minority of .65b1
users who has a working client) :>


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