Re: Troubles during first connection attempt...

Brett C. Harvey (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 05:41:53 -0500

>Still haven't made *any* connection. Tried many reflectors, always get:
>No response from (reflector IP address)
>Situation specs: Mac PB520c, CU-SeeMe.68k0.80b2, MacTCP 2.0.6, System
>7.5.1, 8-bit screen depth, 20M RAM, 3.5M apportioned to CUSM...
>Get exact same inactivity on my other machine, PMac 7100av.
>Suggestions *most* appreciated.


Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble connecting to a reflector
because it's usually a *snap* to get CU running on a Mac. Have you tried
doing a ping of those locations (IP addresses) to ensure that you can reach
them? Have you checked with your network adminstrator to make sure there
aren't any firewalls stopping the use of CU-SeeMe? For instance, our
internet provider had the access turned on at out normal work stations but
had it turned off for our Dial-in accounts.

Some internet providers fear the amount of bandwidth that Cu takes up and
therefore block it via a firewall unless someone "bitches" loud enough.
(please excuse my language but it's the best word to fit!)

Drop me a note directly if you wish and I'll help you were I can. We can
try a direct connection if you would like, that would eliminate the
"problem" of determining reflector vs software. You should also try doing
direct connection from your PB to your PPC and see if they see connect. If
your two local machines see each other but you can't get outside that would
probably tell you its a firewall situation. (I don't claim to be an expert
in this area but this is what my experience has found)

Good luck, let us all know how it goes.


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