Help with Video Blaster SE100

Steve Rhoades (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 11:37:20 -0700 (PDT)


I recently installed a Video Blaster SE100 card and I am attempting
to use it with CU-SeeMe versions w0.34b and w0.65b1.
I'm using a broadcast-quality camera for the video source so I know the
video input to the card is relatively stable.

Additionally, I tested the card with the included software and it seems to
be parsing video okay. (Of course, the included software almost ALWAYS
works :-).

Per the FAQ, I added a line to my system.ini :


The problem is when I launch CuSeeme, the local video just has a freeze-
frame of "snow". Also, right after the "initializing palette" message,
I get the "Hmm.....there may be a problem" error message.

Under the FILE heading I try to select VIDEO FORMAT and VIDEO SOURCE
and although these buttons are NOT greyed out, they appear to do nothing.

Suggestions ??

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