Re: Please test CU-WelcomeMat Beta

Antti Pirskanen (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 14:38:47 +0300

>Hi all,
>I'd like to try how CU-WelcomeMat works. I have it running on a Macintosh
>Color Classic with Quickcam (19.2 kbps leased line, 20 kbps cap, no audio).
>Please give it a try. My IP address is:
>(Helsinki, Finland, time zone:+3 hrs GMT, I'm usually around till midnight)
>Antti Pirskanen

Here is what I found out while testing CU-WelcomeMat:

1) Welcomemat announces connection attempts with an audio signal ("Hello")
and a dialog box with caller's name and IP address. If you have other
windows open, welcomemat's window stays behind them and there is no
flashing icon in the application menu. If you get multiple attempts dialog
boxes stack over each other until you OK them.

2) First connection attempt always time-outs before CU-SeeMe is launched at
my end even if Welcomemat is the only program running. I have a slow
connection and a really slow mac, but it's probably a good idea to call
several times even with a fast connection. Some programs take really long
to quit in case you need to free up some memory("Wait while Netscape is
cleaning your disk cache"...zzzzz)

Anyways, Welcomemat is a great program. I'll leave it (or CUSEEME) on for a
few days, so if you have a slow connection and you'd like to test how it
works feel free to call me at or send email to set up a meeting
(don't use audio & adjust your cap to 20 kbps)


Antti Pirskanen