Nigel Sharp (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 08:21:36 MST

We use CU-SeeMe for general work, for amusement (sorry), and for
occasional special events, and it's a marvellous application with
more support than almost any free application I know (and we run
quite a few, as well as various share-ware/low cost programs).
It's wonderful when the developers find time to answer serious
questions, and not surprising when they are too busy (I'd rather
have them working on enhancements). It's good that there is a FAQ
and a Web site to answer questions, and it's good that somebody
periodically posts where to find those for newcomers. However, like
all programs that people want to use, everyone can spot some areas where
they'd like improvements, especially the PC users (who should consider
themselves very lucky that the response from the team wasn't simply
"go get a Mac if you want to do this"). And, also as always, there
will inevitably be people who are less than polite about their wants
and who fail to see how much they have obtained for so little effort
(yes, but what have you done for me TODAY ?). Please do not let those
importunate demands get in the way of the excellent service you
provide for those of us who keep quiet and enjoy what we get.

To step off the soap box for a moment, can anyone say if the next Mac
release will or definitely will not include support for the 630-series
video card ? My Mac makes video clips (in and out) and was the best
value for that activity, and being only a lurker is quite OK with me,
but like all good systems its role will no doubt expand. (I happen to
believe in buying the equipment for the job, rather than trying to
shoe-horn every possible functionality into whatever box you happen to
have, which usually leads to inferior results for almost every task.)

Enough bandwidth. Keep on broadcasting !

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