Re: .65b1 trouble

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Thu, 29 Jun 1995 16:14:03 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 29 Jun 1995, Shawn Switenky, Ph. 4983 wrote:

> I think you have outline the problem with 0.65b1. It seems the only
> people I have heard of getting CU-SeeMe for windows to run properly under
> Win95 are those with video capture equipment built in. Those who don't
> get the invalid messages, and while it seems to work, it never makes a
> connection.
> So I have two questions. Is there something in the cuseeme.ini file that
> will force CU-SeeMe to work in recieve only mode and not use a Capture
> driver? Also, has anyone out there sucessfully run Win95 and CU-Seeme
> without caputure hardware installed?

1 - I would doubt it, but perhaps only the development team could say for
2 - Yes, I did for a week (before my capture card arrive). Ran fine.

> I wonder if installing the drivers but not the hardware would help?

You could try, but I doubt it (today I'm running without my capture
hardware installed, tho drivers still intact - using the hardware on
another system for another project).

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