65b1 no audio

Thu, 29 Jun 95 10:56:56 PDT

Hi, everyone. Downloaded 65b1 with great excitment. Unpacked. Launched. No
audio. Bummer! I bypassed the error messages and managed to connect to
Cornell ( Set the sound to 16 bit. The sound window came up
with the sliding bars. Still no sound. I'm using 486/66 8MB RAM,
Chameleon stack, with Windows 3.1 and a 16 Bit Reveal sound card.

No vid capture card.

My problem seems to be like that of John Murphy. I need to get that sound
card to start picking up the sounds coming in from CU-SeeMe. Or the wake up
the sound drivers some how.
E-mail: qazman@aimnet.com
Date: 06/29/95
Time: 10:56:56

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