0.65b1 works!

Rogene Talento (labrat@teleport.com)
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 17:35:02 -0700

Well, after reading message after message of 0.65b1 bug reports (which are
way out of line), I thought I'd offer my $0.02 worth.

0.65b1 works for me, and it did from the first attempt, just as 0.34b5-6 did
before it. Granted I am configured to transmit. The audio, while only
clicks at this point, does work for me, and I'm only 14.4! I hooked up p2p
with my brother and I was able to recognize a few syllables here and there! :)

I am very excited about the upcoming features, as well as those that are
already in place. It is VERY helpful to see which participants have your
window open. It is software like this that motivates my hardware purchasing
habits. I plan to be 28.8 the moment my host is, and am considering ISDN
down the line.

For those interested, here are my system details:
IBM 486dx2-66 compatible, 8 megs RAM
Windows for Workgroups 3.11
VideoLogic Captivator, Panasonic Omnivision
SoundBlaster AWE32
SupraFaxModem 144LC

Keep up the excellent work, TeamCuSeeme!

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