Any German speaking CU-SEEME Users here?

Abt Consulting (
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 03:45:03 +0100

Hi all

Im *VERY* interested in CU-SEEME. Unfortunately my English is not good
enough to keep up with the discussion here... :( Well, I understand most
of it - but I would not be able to go into specific problems.

Just wondering: Is there maybe someone out there who speaks German? Maybe
even somebody from Switzerland?? Would be great if we could discuss
CU-SEEME stuff by phone or even in RL?

If so, please drop me a line. And you Swiss guys (if any): Feel free to
call me or send me a fax! T: 055 48 35 00 F: 055 48 70 40.

Richie J. Abt


Churerstrasse 64 - P.O. Box 272

CH-8808 Pfaeffikon SZ

Voice: +55 48 35 00
Faxe: +55 48 70 40