TeleTalk - Audio w/Picture

Bob Summers (
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 15:40:54 +0600

TeleTalk is a Client/Server application that runs under the Galacticomm
architecture. Connection to a WorldGroup server is required in order to use
the application. This connection can be made via Modem, Telnet, or Netware.
The audio is buffered and queued so that there is no overlapping audio on
the reciever side and there is no loss in quality regardless of data
connection. There can be up to 256 users using the software at the same time.

As you are aware this is a List-Serv for CU-SEEME. If anyone else has
questions regarding this application please email me directly at

Thank You,
Bob Summers
Chief Software Engineer
CINECOM Corporation