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> Hey me a couple of ideas...

I'm pretty sure that it will not help. The reasons for this are below.

> Kerry
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> I think you have outline the problem with 0.65b1. It seems the only
> people I have heard of getting CU-SeeMe for windows to run properly under
> Win95 are those with video capture equipment built in. Those who don't
> get the invalid messages, and while it seems to work, it never makes a
> connection.
> So I have two questions. Is there something in the cuseeme.ini file that
> will force CU-SeeMe to work in recieve only mode and not use a Capture
> driver? Also, has anyone out there sucessfully run Win95 and CU-Seeme
> without caputure hardware installed?

I've recieved 5 messages from people around the world who say they are
successfully using Win95 and CU SeeMe without had video capture hardware
or software drivers installed. Some, if not all get the capture driver
not installed properly message, and yet it still works.

So my theories have been shot down and I'm not sure what to try next.
Because it works on some Windows95 installations and not others, I'm
still hopeful that I'll be able to align my configuration with that of
the working Win95 configurations.

My question now is what build of the Windows95 beta are people using. If
you are tester on the beta program, you'll know. If you are on the
Preview program, then it is 347 unless you received and installed an
upgrade in the last few weeks, and then it is likely 490.

> I wonder if installing the drivers but not the hardware would help?

While I have not tried, I'm pretty certain that this would not help.

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