TeleTalk URL...

Jonathan Caldwell (
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 12:09:36 -0400


Left this off the last message RE: TeleTalk.
telephone (703) 680-4733 (Virginia)

The blurb from their ad:

"TeleTalk is a personal conferencing tool that opens a new and exciting
dimension for users of the Internet, Novell networks, and Worldgroup (ed.
Galacticomm's new BBS product). With TeleTalk you can speak: with your own
voice, with other users of TeleTalk all over the globe via Internet, around
your office via LAN or WAN, or via modem. TeleTalk also provides a
distribution of your picture to accompany your voice. Users actually see
your picture while they are listening to you talk!"

It looks from this that for the client, WorldGroup is not required, but e-mail indicates the server must be running it. This
would be in line with the CU-SeeMe reflector software? I don't know, that's
whay I asked. :)

Anyone who's using it, let us know how this thing works from the
client/server sides.

Jonathan Caldwell