Question about the audio version of CuSeeMe/Windows

James R Feeney +1 908 949 3120 (
30 Jun 95 15:09:00 -0400

I'm running the audio version of CuSeeMe for windows, point-to-point
between two PCs on a LAN. The video is working fine however I'm
getting no audio. When I go into the "CONFERENCE" menu I can select
"Start receiving sound" okay, but when I try to select "Start emitting
sound" I get the following message;

"This version does not support audio send capability."

I'm not sure what this message means. Do I just have something set up
incorrectly, or do you have to go thru a reflector to get audio?
I'm using a Soundblaster AWE 32 sound card with a Videoblaster SE100
video card.


Jim Feeney