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>Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 11:07:06 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Zachariah Nobel <>
>To: "Bette A. Shuh" <>
>Subject: CuSeeeme
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>The trouble isn't simply that all Teleport users need to learn the proper
>netiquette about using CUSeeme, but that ALL CUSeeme users around the
>country and world would need to follow the same guidelines mentioned
>(limiting transmission rate)
> The trouble here is that the _received_ data for CUSeeMe is what's
>overloading our routers. When a router has to try and pipe 100k bit/s
>through a 28.800 it's just not going to work.
>What we need to know here at teleport is how to reduce the CUSeeme
>internet traffic coming to us. If you can find something on The net
>that indicates how to do this we'd be _very_ appreciative, and happy to
>allow Teleport users to use the program again.
> If you could lend any insight into the problem we'd love to hear
>from you. We've found at teleport that the supposed self governing of
>CUSeeme does not work. Perhaps this is because the receiving modem has
>no chance-time to send out a 'slow-down' message.
>Zachariah Nobel email:
>Technical Documentations and Internal Support, Teleport ISP

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