Re:Your IP address, reflector net-iquette (additions)

Bill Woodland (
Sat, 01 Jun 1996 14:31:06 -0500

>As far as etiquette is concerned, yes, I think there are some points which
>are the usual basic courtesies:
>1) No unwelcome sexual advances unless you clearly on a sexually oriented
>2) Don't send a blank output or a useless output with your camera on. Turn
>your camera off and save the bandwidth.
>3) Don't send meaningless audio, especially to all participants on a reflector.
>4) Do all those things which your mother taught you were courteous,
>friendly, and helpful to other people. You can't go far from wrong.
>PS Anybody care to add to the above list?

Good stuff, Dennis. I especially agree with #4. Allow me to be a little
more specific:

No nudity on PUBLIC reflectors, please. There are children out there! If
the conference number is ZERO, then it's a PUBLIC reflector.

Don't use profanity in audio or the chat window. Pretend that you are being
interviewed by a GIRL SCOUT, not by GERALDO RIVERA.

Never connect directly to another person's IP address without prior
approval. For users of the Cornell PC version, this will knock them off of
a reflector.

If you capture the images from CU-SeeMe, don't pass the captures around to other
people without the permission of the person that was captured. Also don't post
capture's in the news groups or on web pages without the permission of the
person captured.

Don't give out the conference numbers for private reflectors without
permission of
the owner of the reflector.

Don't set your max transmit or recieve settings to a number higher than your
modem can actually handle. This uses bandwidth on the net that will end up
as lost packets, and uses more capacity of the reflector.

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