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>Date: Sun, 2 Jun 1996 09:57:29 -0500
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>Subject: nudity
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>>No nudity on PUBLIC reflectors, please. There are children out there! If
>>the conference number is ZERO, then it's a PUBLIC reflector.
>what up with all the sensitivity about nudity, [even though it can be
>disgusting]? are there really young ones out there? I have yet to see
>*any* kids on a cuseeme reflector. (but I don't spend my whole life
>cuseemeing, so maybe I'm wrong). any guess as to WHAT PERCENTAGE of
>cuseeme'ers are MINORS? long live cuseeme.

I've seen them. There is a young girl from Alaska that does CU a lot, and I
even saw a 10 year old girl on Freevue the other day. I thought it was odd,
what with all of the sexual names on the userlist like "Male wants to see
your___" and stuff like that.

There aren't necessarily so many young people out there, but keeping netsex
off of public reflectors is just the responsible thing to do.

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