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Daniel W. Erskine (
Sun, 02 Jun 1996 20:17:01 -0600

ryan o. kaplan wrote:
> >No nudity on PUBLIC reflectors, please. There are children out there! If
> >the conference number is ZERO, then it's a PUBLIC reflector.
> what up with all the sensitivity about nudity, [even though it can be
> disgusting]? are there really young ones out there? I have yet to see
> *any* kids on a cuseeme reflector. (but I don't spend my whole life
> cuseemeing, so maybe I'm wrong). any guess as to WHAT PERCENTAGE of
> cuseeme'ers are MINORS? long live cuseeme.
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Greetings, Mr Kaplan:
Sensitivity, huhn? I see what you're saying, now can you see what I'm saying?
What is wrong with me exhibiting myself on a public street corner, especially if
I cannot see any children around?

For us all:
Remember, this isn't a matter of "reality versus virtual-reality". Rather, it
is more of a question of "maturity versus virtual-maturity"!!! Let's keep the
internet open for ALL of us. Lest we encure the wrath of "Big Brother"!

Hope this taken well as no offense is intended nor implied,
"THERE IS NO SANITY... Just organized CHAOS!!!"

Daniel W. Erskine ""