Re: Nudity

Dan Christie (
Sun, 2 Jun 1996 22:02:22 -0700

At 10:48 PM 02/06/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I have been watching this list and as of yet have not seen any real reason
>to respond to anything, but when i saw this nudity issue comes up i felt I
>awt to throw in my two cents.
>just because their are no minors around does not mean that all the
>majors...errr....adults want to see some guy (usually) parading his
>unmentionables in front of us. What I have seen in my couple of years using
>this is a trend towards gay white males using this as a forum. now don't get
>me wrong, if you want to be gay, go for it, but don't shove it down our
>throats, no pun intended. Find a private ref somewhere where this is
>anticipated and accepted and parade around till your feet are sore, but as
>for me I would just as soon not see it.
>For instance, one day I was showing my brothers and 8 y o daughter how this
>thing worked. one of my brothers is a few states away and I thought it would
>be a good way of staying in touch. We were on a public ref, IBM I think it
>was, talking with just your everyday sort of ppl, when up pops some moron
>with not a stitch on, luckily i turned off his pic before my daughter say
>more than a hairy chest, but it was enough for her to mention to her mom,
my X.
>now I know what you are thinking, I shouldn't let my 8 y o watch
> is public and if not for a few boneheads, lets
>try and keep it clean unless going private or 1-1....
>thanks and sorry for the long letter,
> Danny
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Bravo...bravo, couldn't agree with you more!

Let's all keep nudity in it's place (your undergarments) or at least on a
privite reflector...