Re: nudity

elliot smith (
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 01:34:39 -0500


>this is a trend towards gay white males using this as a forum. now don't get
>me wrong, if you want to be gay, go for it, but don't shove it down our
>throats, no pun intended. Find a private ref somewhere where this is

gay white males? White no less? Gives a whole new meaning to
Whitepine... >:-) But look, ahh, you gotta get your facts straight,
no pun intended.
"gay white males using this as a forum" could mean anything,
including but not limited to perverse sexual acts, as you *do* imply.
I'm sure it's not intended that way but I just though I would bring
that to yours and everyone else's attention as I do take offense to
the perpetuation of perverse stereotypes of all kinds.

If you ever get a flasher and want to track that SOB down, here is
what I suggest: write down his or her IP (yeah, I should be so
lucky:-) and do a reverse DNS on it, then do a whois on that, then
finger the ISP, and if the ISP has finger running you will have the
guy's e-mail address. Of course if he logs out immediately you will
miss him. But then one could automate the lookup processes so all
you have to do is feed it an IP and out comes the finger immediately.
The problem is if an ISP doesn't have finger running. I have never
seen a need for finger before now, now I see where attaching an
e-mail address to an IP could be very useful. Heck, someone should
write a cgi script that does the whole process so that people
wouldn't have to be bothered with all the details. I wonder how
many ISPs have finger running? I think it ought to be mandatory. We
don't need people anonymously messing up the 'Net.

-Elliot Smith
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