Re: nudity

Dan Christie (
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 06:47:46 -0700

>If you ever get a flasher and want to track that SOB down, here is
>what I suggest: write down his or her IP (yeah, I should be so
>lucky:-) and do a reverse DNS on it, then do a whois on that, then
>finger the ISP, and if the ISP has finger running you will have the
>guy's e-mail address. Of course if he logs out immediately you will
>miss him. But then one could automate the lookup processes so all
>you have to do is feed it an IP and out comes the finger immediately.
>The problem is if an ISP doesn't have finger running. I have never
>seen a need for finger before now, now I see where attaching an
>e-mail address to an IP could be very useful. Heck, someone should
>write a cgi script that does the whole process so that people
>wouldn't have to be bothered with all the details. I wonder how
>many ISPs have finger running? I think it ought to be mandatory. We
>don't need people anonymously messing up the 'Net.
>-Elliot Smith
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Then what, tell his or her ISP that they have a flasher amongst them? You
really think they'd do something? Do you think they care? What if they're
from another country than your own? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a flasher, I
just think it's going to be hard to enforce with out some kinda internationl
co-operation. Maybe a toll free number? 1-800-FLASHER