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Mon, 03 Jun 1996 09:10:19 -0600 wrote:
> I have been trying to get this Cu SeeMe working on my computer!!
> I get that host name error, But I can't seem to get around it!! I tried
> to place a file, with no extension, well I can't! it gives me one
> everytime! Plus My trumpet, has no hosts file!!@ should there be one??
> Thanks in advance!!! Bob!

Since you're using the Trumpet WinSock utility, I'll *assume* you're using an
IBM-compatable PC.
what you need to do is create a file called 'hosts' in the directory that you
have Trumpet installed. The following are example lines and format you would
put in this file:

# Sample 'hosts' file:
# IP number Machine name Aliases... localhost {put your machine name here)

When you create your 'hosts' file, put ALL this information into it. Leaving
the name 'localhost' as your "machine name". Instead, what you will do is put
you machine name under the "aliases" heading, in the column next to "machine
The term 'localhost" is a standard name assigned to ALL machines using TCP/IP.
This is used (internal to your machine's network), so that your machine can
"talk to itsself", so-to-speak. Also, with the name 'localhost', the IP# MUST
also be assigned ''. From here, we will assign a name to your machine
(of your choosing), by alias-ing it to the 'localhost' name.

Hope this helps,
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