Re: Nudity

lou lewis (
Mon, 03 Jun 1996 23:49:06 +0000

This is my 2-bobs worth: I let my young daughters surf the cuseeme
sites with me and I frankly hate it when we come across an
exhibitionist ( white male usually) on a public reflector. Most other
users are too polite to tell these men to piss-off but my patience is
wearing thin and in the future I will tell these uninvited
exhibitionists what I really think they should do with their cameras.
After all, we dont go to G-rated movies with the kids and suddenly see
R and X-rated pictures: so it should be with public G-rated refs.
I am a member of private adult refs and have a good time chatting and
laughing and "otherthinging" with consenting adults but this is all
done privately and without the kids around.
Keep G-rated refs clean and that way we can all enjoy this fascinating
new technology!

Regards, Lou