Re: nudity

Barbara M. Gleason (
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 12:03:18 -0700

>ryan o. kaplan wrote:
......>> what up with all the sensitivity about nudity, [even though it can be
>> disgusting]? are there really young ones out there? I have yet to see
>> *any* kids on a cuseeme reflector. (but I don't spend my whole life
>> cuseemeing, so maybe I'm wrong). any guess as to WHAT PERCENTAGE of
>> cuseeme'ers are MINORS? long live cuseeme.

My grandson, age 7, is on CUSM all the time talking with his cousins (age 5
& 6) and young friends in other cities, states. I encourage my grandkids to
use CUSM because it helps them to practice and learn their spelling using
the Talk Box.
Usually, they use the Global School House reflector, but I've seen nude,
hairy dumb sh--s on even this reflector! At Xmas, a reflector called,
Santa's Workshop. Even that reflector had its weirdos. If such deviates
use a School House reflector, its because they are pedophiles, not gay.

I now have the kids use another reflector (WHICH I WILL NOT NAME HERE)

Lord, give us a break!