RE: say what??

William Wilson (wwilson@GAMMA.IS.TCU.EDU)
Mon, 03 Jun 1996 14:16:48 -0500

When you connect to a reflector, the reflector does more than just =
bounce the signal to other multiple sites. A reflector also handles =
packets and assembles them TOGETHER without losing them, or at least as =
many as are lost with direct connections. If you both connect through a =
reflector, you will solve most of your problems

From: Luis de Miguel[]
Sent: Monday, June 03, 1996 6:13 AM
Subject: say what??

While connected directly (he connects to my IP address) to a friend with
a PC (Windows) we can see each other. He can hear me, I can't hear
him. I can hear myself when I connect to "self" I can also hear the
astronauts from the shuttle.

When my friend connects to others (reflector), he is heard fine.

My system: 520c PB, Mac OS 7.5, RAM: 24meg. Quick cam color.
CU-SeeMe 83b3. T1 internet connection (University)

Any suggestions?