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lucie podd (
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 16:14:44 -0400

CU-SEE-ME has great potential in schools and schools are just starting to
find out about this technology. As schools are getting hooked up to the
Internet, you will see an increased amount of participation by students. I
just hooked up two cameras in my classroom. We recently participated in a
CU-SEE ME event that had over THOUSANDS of students participating.(See press
release below) Sure, this was a private reflector, but it allowed us to
experience CU-SEE-ME and envision what else we could do with this technology
in education. As a matter of fact, this vision motivated me to write a
grant that will allow my whole class to participate in telecommunication
type activities using a video projector. My program enjoyes a tremendous
reputation for its use of technology in education. Can you imagine the
effect of a "glimpse of nudity" being projected on a large screen as I
demonstrate CU-SEE-ME technology to a class, school board, or community
group. Yikes. I have not come across nudity yet, (personally we are
newbies in this area). But this discussion makes me think we better watch
our steps as we progress. If anyone was any words of wisdom of
"reflectors" to stay away from or "safe" public reflectors for those of us
working with kids, please advise.


P.S. Excerpt from press release
....On Monday, May 13, a worldwide audience joined a distinguished panel of
judges in locations across the globe for a ceremony recognizing the most
outstanding schools for research projects involving community resources
that are published projects on the Internet's World Wide Web. Thousands
of students and teachers participated live via the Internet, some with
CU-SeeMe desktop videoconferencing connections and others worldwide
through MCI audio teleconferencing.

Heard and seen at the event were judges, students and teachers from sites
that included Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Spain and
Sweden. In San Diego, Calif, 400 students and guests gathered in an
auditorium with the event organizers, the Global SchoolNet Foundation.,
while in Austin, Texas, a group of officials and dignitaries including
Governor George W. Bush by telephone participated. All sites heard Vice
President Albert Gore, Jr. praise the efforts of the students, educators
and sponsors for their pioneering efforts.

At 09:57 AM 6/2/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>No nudity on PUBLIC reflectors, please. There are children out there! If
>>the conference number is ZERO, then it's a PUBLIC reflector.
>what up with all the sensitivity about nudity, [even though it can be
>disgusting]? are there really young ones out there? I have yet to see
>*any* kids on a cuseeme reflector. (but I don't spend my whole life
>cuseemeing, so maybe I'm wrong). any guess as to WHAT PERCENTAGE of
>cuseeme'ers are MINORS? long live cuseeme.
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