Re: nudity

LL (
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 19:31:13 -0700

> From: "Leslie McCLure" <>, on 6/3/96 2:50 PM:
> I have a totally new concept!!! Close the damn window!!!!

I suppose I am just dragging a dead subject through the mud, But I think the
point is lost on you. The Point being no matter how fast I close the window, if
some idiot flashs on my screen and my kid is standing or sitting with me, Or
worse yet he himself is at the computer the damage has been done! What we do
in Private areas is one thing, what we do in the public access Ref. sites is
another. Cu is used in schools now and most of the time I would imagine its on
a private site, however the kids learn about it and use it at home, hence the
danger. Its not as easy as just closing a window. No I am not for censorship of
the net by our wonderful and efficient gov. <sic> But I do think that we need
to take an active role and censor ourselfs. If You, (you ment as a general term
and not anyone specific) want to show yourself naked fine, But do it in
private. Not on a busy street corner, or in a public area of the net... Thanks