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Dennis J. Streveler (
Mon, 03 Jun 1996 19:47:33 -0700

Ok, enough on nudity. We can't solve that problem here. I personally don't
want "internet police" and "mind control" stuff going on, so I know no way
to cap technology once the cat is out of the bag. Private reflectors, like
private phone lines forty years ago, and 1:1 connections are the only answers.

As for me, I am going to instruct Eudora's filter facility to send any
message from this list with "nudity" in its title directly to the trash
where it belongs.

Every society, and every culture, has its own norms for what constitutes
"nudity". Have you seen the tribes in Niu Guinea? Have you been to the
beaches in Rio de Janeiro? Have you turned on the soaps on TELEVISION
lately??? Yee-gad.


At 08:54 PM 6/3/96 -0400, Bill Knauss wrote:
>At 04:14 PM 6/3/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> If anyone was any words of wisdom of
>>"reflectors" to stay away from or "safe" public reflectors for >those of
>us working with kids, please advise.
>Sorry, but I don't know how any public reflector can be made "safe". It
>would need to have a person monitoring it day and night so long as it's
>active. Even then, some kook could get on and do his/her thing for a few
>seconds before getting bounced off.
>Your best bet would be a private reflector who's IP address would be kept
>secret until the hour of the presentation.
>If anyone would like to contradict this or add to it be my guest. I would
>also like information on this topic.
>Bill Knauss

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