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>As Parents, should not we have a look at what our 10Yo do on its own on
>the net ?
>otherwise I agree on keeping public ref, without CUsex
>just my 10 cts.
>On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Bill Woodland wrote:

Yes, I agree, but there are lots of people out there that do NOT police
their children like that, and the point is that we should all be aware that
there is nudity out there, but do our part to keep it on private reflectors.
I know that we can't control everyone, but it doesn't hurt to start here
with this mailing list.

Now, as Dennis suggested...let's drop this thread. It's nice to see so many
upstanding citizens out there who agree with my original message about
nudity on public reflectors, but there's always a rotten barrel in every
apple....we can't solve this problem here.....I'll start a new one...:)

Hey! Anyone out there ACTUALLY HAVE one of the color quickcams for WINDOWS?
Wanna connect? I want to see the quality of it in person.

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