Tue, 04 Jun 96 08:22:32 PST

> From: "Leslie McCLure" <>, on 6/3/96 2:50 PM:
> I have a totally new concept!!! Close the damn window!!!!

I was not sure this subject was germane to this list but if you think
about it, the activity of a few perverts could bring down the wrath of
the regulators. I don't agree with Leslie's answer to the problem.
If we see a person flashing little children in front of the school
house we don't say "oh well, we can just turn away". We get made as
hell and have the person arrested. I don't see any difference when a
person flashes on a public reflectors. As with most people, I could
care less what happens on private reflectors or during a direct
connect. I believe that people who flash on the public reflectors
should be tracked down and arrested just like they would be if they
did it on the street. In this way the offenders would pay rather than
all of us suffering the burden of regulation. By the way, although it
is not as bad, I also think that women should be able to be on without
getting unsolicited lewd and suggestive comments.

So much for my two cents worth.

Paul alias Pegasus