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Tue, 4 Jun 1996 13:44:46 -0700

house we don't say "oh well, we can just turn away". We get made as
> hell and have the person arrested. I don't see any difference when a
> person flashes on a public reflectors. As with most people, I could
> care less what happens on private reflectors or during a direct
> connect. I believe that people who flash on the public reflectors
> should be tracked down and arrested just like they would be if they
> did it on the street. In this way the offenders would pay rather than
> all of us suffering the burden of regulation. By the way, although it

I am not sure arresting someone is the answer. There are better ways to deal
with these "guys". Post there damn pictures and email address' on a web site
dedicated toexposing these jerks. I agree with you, what you do in private or a
private Ref. is your business. I don;'t want the gov, police ect. involved
with Net anymore then it already is. We don't need a bunch of burcrats that
can't run our gov right taking over the net