Color QuickCam for update

Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 04 Jun 1996 11:19:38 -0700

Just an update, as of last night, neither the Connectix quick page
( nor the Connectix forum on CompuServe (GO CONNECTIX) has
made any mention of the release of teh Color QuickCam for Windows. It is
expected though that the product will be released "real soon now".



(last) Friday morning

Hello everybody,

I know many of us are awaiting the arrival of the new Color QuickCam for
Windows. According to the information on CompuServe (GO CONNECTIX) May 22
had been the target shipping date.

However, things have apparently gotten held up by the FCC, and Connectix is
awaiting this paperwork to be finalized. They say on the forum that they
expect the paperwork to arrive "any day now".

Thus, at this moment there are apparently NO Color QuickCams (for Windows)
in the pipeline. As soon as the FCC drops the flag, I am sure the warehouse
will open and out will come a flood of devices.

America Online is apparently planning a special promotion at $199 when they
do arrive, and is taking orders now at that price.

Of course the Color QuickCam for Macintosh has been shipping, and has gotten
good reviews.


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