Schwann (
Tue, 4 Jun 96 19:11 EET

Hi All,

i note your comments re: Usenet.

> What happened to Usenet?
People seem to forget. (Actually In many caes have not been around long enough
to know) UseNet used to be a great place to exchange info and get help on a
wide range of topics, without SPAM and ignorant jerks that lurk and post
without regard to anyone but themselves. In addition UseNet is not even really
the Internet, but has been so closely tied to it you wouldn't know it.
Basically useNet is really cluttered with Garbage posts, Un wanted mass
mailings and USers who can't take the time to read a thread and then post if a
post is called for.... Nuff said, since this is off topic..


Yes, some of what you write is true, but Usenet is still the 'soul' of the
Internet. It is where more of the 'serious' stuff takes place. I have for
some time been a contributor to Usenet and while i *do* agree with the
statements re: ignorant jerks etc, it is also entirely possible that i am
perceived as such by someone else. (those in glass houses, etc.)

For those who can't take the heat there is always the dredded 'kill filter'
as used on alt.society.neutopia by those who call themselves The Monster
Truck Neutopians.

Now this doesn't have much to do with Cuseeme, let me say that i am still
awaiting a video card i ordered from America Onlines dial in shop in NY some
6 weeks ago..

until then i will remain faceless unless you choose to visit my website at

i hope to be 'seeing' some of you soon..

best to you all from Cape Town, South Africa,