Tue, 4 Jun 1996 15:31:43 +0000

Its just a matter of time before some big prosecutions occur with

There was an adult video channel a few years ago, called american
extasy, and even though they sent an encrypted signal out, and only
subscribers could get it, I believe it was the Attorney General of
Utah, put the whole company under.

Its plain and simple, unless you can guarentee that a child will not
see your nudity on cuseeme, you, and your provider, and who ever can
possible face the wrath of the law. The laws are allready here that
are needed to put people in jail over the situation.

You don't think some big news agency doesnt have some reporters
covering and doing investigations on the cuseeme scene that will be
splattered all over tv soon? :) About how kids can watch women

The Government runs sting operations for months, sometimes years
before you get your notification that you have been prosecuted. Just
because you commited a felony yesterday, or last month, don't think
ya got away with it. They just might be letting additional counts
stack up against you, and getting enough evidence to put a wiretap on
your phone.
Sometimes with a secret indictment, you won't even know about it till
ya get pulled over for a speeding ticket one day and end up in jail
for flashing some kid on cuseeme. Of course you can always go to
yoru local police dept and have them run a warrants check on ya, and
I think some or you here need to do that.

Ignorance is no excuse. :) Cuseeme from jail, heheheh