Open letter/apology/object lesson

Tue, 4 Jun 96 14:35:03 PDT

Dear List,

I hereby wish to publically proclaim my most sincere and humble
apologies to a great lady of the reflectors, CandyCane. I can think of
no better way to reach a majority of the CUSM community than through this
listserve and I beg your indulgence for a few moments.

Several days ago, while connected to a reflector, I made some
spontaneous and poorly thought-out chat comments about something I had
observed on an open reflector several weeks ago. (It will serve no
purpose to go into further detail about the event.) In doing so, I have
given inadvertent, but grievous offense, pain, and personal embarrassment
to CandyCane. In the relatively short time I have been a CUSM user, I
have marveled at the close personal relationships that can blossom
through this medium, and I have attempted to conduct myself as a
gentleman. The heartbreak I now feel at having so treated a "family"
member is a deep,painful, self-inflicted wound for me. Just because
gracious people such as herself allow us into their intimate personal
lives, even in an open medium, does not necessarily mean they care to
have such details discussed openly in other contexts. (Therein lies the
object lesson.)

Now, having admitted to the crime and convicted myself, I call
upon Candy, if she wishes, to serve as judge and executioner. Hopefully
she reads this list or someone will forward the post to her. Candy, if
you can find it within your heart to forgive my transgression, you have
my solemn oath that nothing of this nature will EVER happen again. On
the other hand, if you prefer, just say so and I will remove myself from
the CUSM community.

Sincerely and humbly, John