Re: Hidden Users

Dennis J. Streveler (
Tue, 04 Jun 1996 18:29:09 -0700

At 03:49 PM 6/4/96 -0500, Paul Swebilius wrote:
>I have the evaluation copy of Cu from White Pine. I can only see the
>visible participents. How can I reach the "hidden" users? Will I need
>to pruchase the copy and then be allowed to view all? Thanks Paul


A hidden users can be 'unhidden' by clicking on their entry in the
Participants' List. However, if you are already maxed out (the number of
open windows equals the "maximum video windows" parameter under
Edit/Preferences/Conferencing, then you must close some other window before
you can open a new one.

The most common mistake made by 'newbies' to CU is having TOO many windows
open at the same time. A general rule of thumb, if you are on 28.8
connection, I would recommend never having more than four windows open
simultaneously. And of course, if you have even fewer than that, you will
generally get better performance since the internet 'pipe' has room to send
more information to open the windows which are open.

Hope this helps.


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