Re: canon and cu-seeme

Jay Shoup (
Tue, 4 Jun 1996 22:30:09 +5000

Make sure your NEW printer port has its own interupt. The interupts
can NOT be shared for the ports being used on either the cannon or
the quick-cam.... Generaly you would set up LPT1 and LPT, using
IRQ's 7 and 5 respectively....

Good Luck..

By the way, this is what i do and it works great.....

> I installed the Canon C2500 on my PC and it takes over and isolates
> the parallel port. I put in a new Parallel port. QuickCam Quicpict
> works great; Quick movie does not work at all; and cuseeme gives me
> the message "capture device not detected, and get host name failed".
> Everything was fine until Canon came into my life...anyone have any
> ideas??
> Geoff Edwards
> fax 619 320 9798